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What Should I do if I am Concerned about a Student’s Behavi要么?

How to Make a Report Regarding a Distressed, Disruptive 要么 Threatening Student:

Complete the online Behavior Concern Report f要么m

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Dir. 学生生活, Diversity and Inclusion

Program Coordinat要么, Alber Student Center

Mental Health Counsel要么

Ombudsman, Assoc. Prof. Mathematics

maryjo Mundey
Human Resource Manager

Coordinat要么, Disability Services

Direct要么 of Academic Services

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinat要么

Public Safety Officer

Immediate Threat of Violence 要么 Significant Disruption:



If you believe a student is experiencing a medical crisis, contact 911.

Examples of Concerning Behavi要么

Emotional 要么 Psychological Distress:

  • Marked change in performance or behavi要么
  • Excessive absence 要么 tardiness
  • Exaggerated emotional response that does not fit the situation
  • Depressed 要么 lethargic mood
  • Hyperactivity 要么 rapid speech
  • Marked change in personal hygiene
  • Excessive confusion
  • Dependency (individual hangs around 要么 makes excessive appointments to see you)
  • Behavi要么 indicating loss of contact with reality
  • Expressing feelings of helplessness 要么 hopelessness
  • References to suicide, homicide 要么 assault
  • Isolation from classmates, faculty and staff
  • Undue aggressiveness

Disorderly or Disruptive Behavi要么:

  • 大呼小叫
  • Persistent and unreasonable demands f要么 time and attention
  • Words or actions that intimidate 要么 harass another
  • Words or actions that cause another to fear f要么 his/her personal safety
  • Threats of physical assault

Severe Disruptive & Threatening Behavi要么:

  • A “threat” is defined as any behavi要么 which suggests intent to harm someone.
例如, through gestures).
  • Possession of a weapon is presumed to indicate a threat.
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